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May 23, 2022

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Chelsea Emerick

"Designed for teams to connect, Zoom will assist in bringing your team together and bonding through interactive challenges and tasks. "

Who said your regularly scheduled Zoom meetings had to be all agenda? With Zoom’s flexible offering playing online games as a team is more accessible than ever. Discover how Zoom is the perfect platform for virtual team building activities

Using Zoom for Online Games

In the last few years, Zoom has launched itself into everyday workplaces globally. While the online conferencing platform is a seamless experience for remote teams, its offering has proven to become a flexible solution that can be used for online games too. With the functionality of breakout rooms and a simple user interface, the rise of virtual team building activities taking place on Zoom is a natural progression. 

It’s no surprise that many companies extend their team building activities to Zoom as standard practice. With remote workers worldwide frequenting the program, creating interactive activities that can foster close connections within Zoom’s framework has become quite standard.

Why Zoom is Good for Team Building

As mentioned, Zoom’s breakout room function is just one of the features that make this conferencing platform a cut above its competitors when it comes to playing virtual escape rooms and more. Much like being assigned a group or a room in-person, Zoom’s breakout rooms additionally provide the host with the option of randomizing teams assigned to breakout rooms. This takes one of the logistics out of creating a smooth virtual event. 

Zoom’s efficiency has been proven to be consistent enough for schools and businesses alike to adopt it as a preferred communication method, further proving a seamless experience is sure to be had for a virtual team building activity.

Choosing the Right Online Event

Explore your team’s interests and don’t be afraid to give people options to choose from. A poll is a fantastic way to gauge what people are interested in playing. Try giving a diverse selection to choose from. This could mean picking from several different themes like team quizzes, virtual escape rooms and indoor team building activities

Also factor in the logistics of your event. Some important things to consider ahead of selecting your event:

  • How many people do you expect will participate in this event? 
  • When would be a day that suits everyone best?
  • Is this being added to a standing meeting Or is it a unique event? 
  • Are there people on your team in different time zones you need to accommodate for?

Clarifying these things will help you choose the right online event for you and your team. 

Best Activities for Zoom

Virtual team building activities that work brilliantly with Zoom include:

Arctic Survival

Virtual Escape Room

Looking for a high stakes challenge? Look no further than Arctic Survival. You and your team are on an arctic expedition when you suddenly lose sight of your guide! As a snowstorm throws you off course and nightfall creeps in you and your team must seek refuge before the snowfall is too heavy! Time is of the essence in this virtual escape room as you work together to find shelter and crack codes to ensure your survival.

Let’s Get Quizzical

Team Quiz

Discover a light-hearted and competitive event that will get everyone pepped up with Let’s Get Quizzical. Teams will play through three rounds of fun challenges and trivia questions that will let their creativity and personalities shine. This high-energy activity is a great way to get your team motivated and break the ice!

Murder on the Train

Murder Mystery

Seeking something a little more mysterious? Murder on the Train is a thrilling adventure not to be missed! The body of a wealthy tycoon has been discovered and the killer is still on board. You and your team must solve this heinous crime before the train reaches its final destination. Unravel clues and work together to catch the killer before time runs out!

No matter what kind of virtual team building activity you select, we’re confident that Zoom will provide you with a seamless experience. Designed for teams to connect, Zoom will assist in bringing your team together and bonding through interactive challenges and tasks. 

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