Case Studies

Care UK

The Brief:

Care UK is the largest independent provider of health and social care services in the UK, giving patients across the country access to vital medical and residential nursing provisions. 

Care UK got in touch with Wildgoose, looking for a Team Building Activity to fill a 2-hour gap in their company away day agenda. With limited indoor space (one hotel conference room) we were put to the test! The purpose of this Indoor Team Building Activity was to re-energise 30 Care UK employees and provide a fun, engaging break from the day-long conference. As well as this, our event had to encourage teamwork, communication and problem-solving amongst a group of employees that don’t necessarily work together on a day-to-day basis.

The Solution:

On receiving the event brief from the client, we knew immediately that our newest indoor activity Manor House Murder would be a great solution. An interactive take on the murder mystery concept, Manor House Murder sees teams investigating the death of Laura Norder at a school reunion. Teams are required to unpick evidence, carry out inquiries and eliminate suspects in order to identify a motive, weapon and ultimately catch the killer.

A solely indoor activity, Manor House Murder comprises of a number of engaging interactive game screens, including a floor plan of the manor, designed to transport teams to the scene of the crime. Participants had to work together in their teams, locating clues and keeping a note of all the details they deemed important – requiring a high level of focus, communication, and collaboration.

As part of their investigations, teams had to locate augmented reality triggers hidden around the room, that, when scanned, revealed vital evidence and forensic reports to assist them in drawing their final conclusions. Teams were also faced with multimedia tasks that included holding a press conference to give an update on the investigation and were asked to create their own crime reconstruction videos to show what they think happened the night of the murder.

On the day, the group of 30 were divided into 6 teams and briefed on the current situation by their event manager, before setting about examining witness statements and getting to know the key suspects. Given the tight time frame for the activity in the client’s busy agenda, the teams were given 90 minutes to conduct their inquiries with time updates given at regular intervals to ensure as much evidence was uncovered as possible and create suspense and urgency. Just before the 90 minutes was up, teams were invited to make their final accusations via their tablets using the app. Frantic conversations amongst teams ensued as they summarised everything they knew about the timeline of events and made their predictions.

The Results:

After final conclusions had been reached, the Wildgoose event manager announced who the killer was and how Laura Norder was murdered in a tense finale – several teams had reached the right conclusion, however, there were some teams shocked by the final revelation. Once the reveal had taken place, the winners were announced and teams watched reconstruction and press conference videos amongst other submissions, which made for a hilarious wrap-up session! 

Feedback from the activity was overwhelmingly positive, Manor House Murder fitted perfectly into the gap in Care UK’s event agenda, providing the perfect post-lunch energising activity. The complexity of the murder case and the process of gathering evidence forced teams to collaborate and communicate in order to come up with a plausible explanation.

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