Case Studies

GSK Case Study

The Brief:

GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) were seeking a fun and interactive Team Building Activity to help motivate and bring together their auditing department. With over 117 participants, they were looking for an event that not only helped the teams work together, but also incorporated their key brand values and company culture. Wildgoose were called upon to support them in providing an engaging solution, which they were keen to ensure included collaborative tasks and challenges.

The Solution:

Working closely with GSK to understand the key outcomes of the day, the team at Wildgoose chose the Spy School: Training as the perfect base to build upon, due to the problem solving and logical aspects of this challenge. Bespoke tasks and questions incorporating GSK’s company values, which included: Integrity, Patient Focus, Transparency and Respect for people meant that these values were reinforced throughout the activity, making it purposeful Outdoor Team Building Activity that was also fun for the participants.

Teams were split into groups of four – Secret Agents, Detectives, Major Generals and Central Intelligence. Throughout Spy School: Training, which took place around Piccadilly, London, teams were encouraged to work together to complete tasks involving deciphering codes and solving clues. Progressing through the challenge in their separate teams to begin with, they eventually come together to complete their final task collaboratively.

Example challenges included:

– Anagram Message – a video challenge from a Senior GSK Manager – ‘Agent Del’, who asked participants to decipher anagrams that reflected GSK’s company values.

– Where’s Sara – this fun challenge based on the classic ‘Where’s Wally’ game involved team members seeking Sara (a GSK manager) within a very busy picture montage.

– Caption This – An entertaining bespoke task that involved the participants coming up with a witty caption for an image of some GSK colleagues.

A final curveball task was presented in the form of a video from GSK’s Managing Director. Designed to ensure the teams remained together right through to the end of the event, participants were required to take a photo of their entire team. The underlying message of collaboration and working together reinforced a fitting, fun finale.

The Results:

The collaborative nature of the Spy School: Training combined with fun, interactive tasks meant that participants were immediately interacting and communicating, which supported the overall objective to increase team motivation. The addition of bespoke content built around GSK’s values meant that these were reinforced throughout. The event also raised important talking points for the Senior Management team to discuss going forward.

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