Case Studies

Maxwell’s Restaurant Group


Wildgoose were approached by Maxwell’s to provide an immersive brand activation activity that would form part of their annual events showcase and menu launch. The objective of the showcase was to reposition two of the client’s key venues ‘Cafe de Paris’ and ‘Tropicana Beach Club’  as experiential event spaces within the MICE industry offering food, entertainment and world-class experiences. With 300 guests expected to attend the event, Wildgoose were tasked with moving all 300 delegates in an immersive, theatrical way from Cafe de Paris over to Tropicana Beach Club, whilst at the same time keeping all guests fully engaged and immersed.


With only an hour window to transport all attendees from one venue to the other, we knew that the activity needed an immersive storyline to captivate and hold audience attention throughout the journey to Tropicana Beach Club. Our project management team worked closely with Maxwell’s to agree the final storyline which saw the ‘owner’ of Cafe de Paris invite all the guests to accompany him on an adventure from ‘Paris to Paradise’. To blur the lines between virtual and reality, a Wildgoose actor played the part of the eccentric ringmaster and owner of Cafe de Paris. 

Delegates were challenged to prove themselves worthy of the journey by completing a series of fun, themed, interactive challenges along the way in exchange for points, accessed by unlocking GPS hotspots on a live map of the area.

The tasks featured in the game were chosen to simulate the journey from Paris to Paradise and included footage of historical acts that have famously performed at Cafe de Paris, through to tropical Brazilian football and Baywatch themed challenges as the team’s neared their final destination. All the hotspots in the game featured a variety of aviation themed icons from biplanes and hot air balloons through to modern day aircraft, as this helped simulate the idea of teams travelling the world, along with a journey through time as the hotspot designs grew closer to the present day. 

Given the volume of participants, collaboration mode was used to successfully move the participants along 20 separate routes to Tropicana Beach Club whilst still competing against each other in the same game. Combining multiple routes, with staggered departure times ensured that teams were evenly spread out throughout the event  We also used sequential hotspots across each route to seamlessly guide teams all the way from Cafe de Paris to Tropicana Beach Club where the ‘owner’ of Cafe de Paris was there to greet everyone in tropical holiday attire! 

As the core objective of the activity was brand activation, all hotspots were designed in the colours of either Cafe de Paris or Tropicana Beach Club to visually represent both brands. In addition, brand-centric prizes such as exclusive discounts, dinner and tables were up for grabs for the best team name, best photo and winning team. 


Due to the versatile nature of our app and innovative features such as collaboration mode, sequential hotspots and augmented reality – we were able to successfully create an immersive brand activation experience for Maxwell’s menu launch and showcase. The branded, sequential hotspots strategically placed along a variety of routes meant that of the 287 guests at the event, 245 completed the experiential journey from Cafe de Paris to Tropicana Beach Club. What’s more, results from in-game feedback questions showed that 100% of participants would use or recommend either venue for their next event, everyone rated the new food and beverage menu as excellent and said the activity ‘blew them away’! Themed multimedia tasks kept the activity fun and relevant, with all in-game photos uploaded to a live showreel at the final destination.

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