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Ice Breaker Activities: Top Corporate Ice Breaker Activities

Ice breakers aren't just about fun; they're about creating shared experiences, tapping into personalities, and setting the stage for success. Ready to give them a go? Upgrade your corporate event by incorporating these activities.

How To Celebrate The Chinese & Lunar New Year At Work! 8 Lucky Office Games & Celebration Ideas!

2024 is the year of the Dragon. Discover the 8 best ideas on how to celebrate Chinese New Year at work and in the office!


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Virtual vs. Physical Escape Rooms

By factoring in the needs of your wider team you should be able to assess whether or not a virtual escape room or physical escape room best suits your needs.

What is a Virtual Escape Room?

Through challenges that highlight creative and critical thinking skills, virtual escape rooms can be a great way to highlight an employee’s skills that may sit outside of their role.

Best Virtual Escape Rooms for Team Building

We find teams come out of online escape rooms with a boost in morale and a stronger sense of trust within their relationships.

Best Platform for Virtual Escape Rooms

Finding the best platform for virtual escape rooms doesn’t have to be a headache. We’ve got you covered with our simple guide.

The Importance of Recognition in the Workplace

Learn how to implement a strong framework for employee recognition, a key part of keeping talent long term.

Outdoor Team Building Activities For Adults

We see relationships deepen as teams work together, completing challenging tasks in their chosen location that are not only mentally stimulating but give participants the chance to display knowledge and skills that wouldn’t ordinarily be needed in a workplace setting. 

Creating Sustainable Events

As we move forward as an organisation, we continue to hold sustainability as part of our core focus. We wholeheartedly believe that supporting our environment by making thoughtful, considered choices contributes to a larger positive impact. 

The Employee Mental Health & Remote Working Report

We asked employees from 129 UK companies whether their mental health at work had improved or worsened over the past year. Find out the results.

Connecting Global Teams Using Multi-City

Designed to connect teams in real-time across multiple locations, Multi-City supports gameplay between teams in several places at once.

The UK Employee Support & Retention Survey

An increasing number of employees have decided to change jobs in what’s become known as the ‘Great Resignation’. We wanted to find out what employees had to say about the issue.

London’s Best Pubs 2021

It’s an age-old question, asked by after-work socialisers, shopaholics and night-owls alike: Which is the best pub in London? To find an answer, we used Tripadvisor ratings, which come from the customers themselves.

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Top 5 Corporate Team Building Locations in the UK & Ireland

When it comes to team building locations, we've got you covered. If you're looking for a team activity or away day outside of London, this list is for you!

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