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Group of people posing in front of Tower Bridge, London UK

Ice Breaker Activities: Top Corporate Ice Breaker Activities

Ice breakers aren't just about fun; they're about creating shared experiences, tapping into personalities, and setting the stage for success. Ready to give them a go? Upgrade your corporate event by incorporating these activities.

How To Celebrate The Chinese & Lunar New Year At Work! 8 Lucky Office Games & Celebration Ideas!

2024 is the year of the Dragon. Discover the 8 best ideas on how to celebrate Chinese New Year at work and in the office!


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exploring the city of london

Why treasure hunts make a great excuse to explore your city

Life is no fun when it’s all work and no play. Treasure hunts get your team active and can be the perfect platform for gaining some key outcomes beneficial to a productive work environment: encouraging teamwork, physical activity and getting outside after spending way too much time working indoors! 

team of healthcare professionals

Team Building in the Healthcare Sector

There are so many areas in the health sector, from medical professionals and carers to those working in finance or marketing. Take a look at these activities designed to help your team, whether in-person, virtual or both!

man working on laptop in a cafe

How to effectively transition employees to hybrid working 

Hybrid working is not just beneficial for your employees; it’s good for business. Find out how to effectively transition your team to hybrid working and ensure everyone is accommodated for.

work team laughing at activities on a computer

Team Building Activities for Human Resources

Your HR team sets a good example to the rest of the company. These guys are the experts at building better workplaces..

Team members smiling and interacting using mobile phone

5 unique team building activities your colleagues won't hate

We’ve rounded up five unique team activities that are guaranteed to create a buzz amongst your colleagues and boost collaboration.

Socially distanced team building ideas

Ready to bring your team back together after lockdown? Here's our selection of socially distanced team building activities to keep your employees safe and engaged.

team building activities for executives

Team Building Activities for Executives

We recognise that businesses all work in different ways so whether your people are back in the office, based at home or doing a bit of both, here we have some great team building activities for executives.

Young woman sitting with computer on couch, looking outside

Wildgoose survey finds UK employees lonelier than ever

Our 2021 Friends & Happiness in the Workplace Survey has revealed the impact of working from home on personal connections in the office.

finance team doing team building activity

Team building activities for finance departments

Heads in spreadsheets, balancing budgets, poring over accounts...finance departments are busy, busy places. That’s why they need to have some fun every once in a while!

work friends laughing

The 2021 Post-Lockdown Friends & Happiness in the Workplace Survey

At Wildgoose, we wanted to find out the impact the last year has had on friendships with workmates and the knock-on effect on business morale, so we have conducted this survey.

team building handshake

Fun team-building activities for professionals

Team-building activities are vital for keeping teams engaged. Having fun can result in big laughs, and happy colleagues are the most productive and engaged. But how do you make sure that professional team-building is inclusive and actually fun?

Team-building activities for 50-100 people

At Wildgoose, we’ve seen successful team-building events with groups of all different sizes. Whether it’s an activity for 3 people or 5,000, the secret is planning. Here are some ideas on how you can organise an event for a large group.

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