Best Virtual Escape Rooms for Team Building

May 09, 2022

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Chelsea Emerick

"A virtual escape room creates opportunities for teams to build trust"

When it comes to team connection, we’re big fans of virtual escape rooms. Flexible to your schedule and highly engaging, team building is more accessible than ever. Discover how to get your employees motivated and facilitate strong teamwork with the best virtual escape rooms for team building.

How Virtual Escape Rooms Help with Team Building

Teams are constantly changing and evolving, virtual escape rooms offer an accessible option for connection. Regardless of whether your team is entirely remote, entirely in the office or somewhere in between, an online escape room brings everyone together.

Remote teams find virtual escape rooms to prevent loneliness and isolation. Even in-person teams gain a sense of deeper connection through an online escape room. Accommodating groups of up to 500 people, online escape rooms are a great option for all kinds of teams to build trust and engagement. Challenges encourage problem-solving and allow participants to display skills that aren’t necessarily shown within the usual workday.

A virtual escape room creates opportunities for teams to build trust. Active participation is key in completing tasks and finishing an online escape room, making it a fantastic team building tool.

Great Examples of Virtual Escape Rooms

Art Heist
A fantastic example of a virtual escape room is Art Heist. After being framed for an elaborate art heist, teams must find a way to escape their confines before time runs out. 

Using Widlgoose’s app Mobile Adventures, and video conferencing software such as Zoom, teams dissect riddles and complete interactive tasks through augmented reality. Additional photo and video challenges also present opportunities for teams to bond and develop strategies to win.

Arctic Survival

Thrills and chills are what Arctic Survival is all about. Amid an arctic expedition, your team has been separated from your hiking guide. With a storm setting in and nightfall approaching, your team must find shelter before the snowfall gets too heavy. Using Wildgoose’s app Mobile Adventures, and video conferencing software such as Zoom, teams engage with three levels of interactive challenges. Working together, the aim of the game is to crack codes and ultimately survive the harsh arctic conditions before time runs out.

Both Art Heist and Arctic Survival provide a unique blend of world-class tech and considered tasks to get employees deeply engaged in an activity that has them working together. We find teams come out of these online escape rooms with a boost in morale and a stronger sense of trust within their relationships.

Things to Consider Before Booking a Virtual Escape Room

Virtual escape rooms do require a little preparation beforehand. Luckily, most participants have the majority of their needed items before their event. Teams will need a personal laptop and mobile phone per participant to partake in an online escape room. A stable internet connection is also a necessity for a successful virtual escape room

Access to a preferred conferencing software platform such as Zoom is also essential in your virtual escape room running smoothly. We’ve covered the best platforms for virtual escape rooms if you need more information. 

A final consideration, especially for global teams, is to be mindful of the times you’re booking a virtual escape room. If you have team members in various locations ensure you check in with them to find a suitable time that would work best.

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