What is a Virtual Escape Room?

May 09, 2022

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Chelsea Emerick

"Virtual escape rooms provide a flexible opportunity to bring disparate teams together."

With so many ways to connect teams, a virtual escape room stands out as a unique opportunity to mix fun and connection. Discover the ins and outs of online escape rooms and how they can work for you and your team. 

What is a Virtual Escape Room?

A virtual escape room is an activity you play online as a team. Using our app, Mobile Adventures, teams complete a series of tasks and challenges using augmented reality and other interactive features to progress through the narrative of their chosen online escape room.

Teams have an allotted period to crack codes, solve puzzles, find clues and work together to find a way to escape their confines. It’s a fun and interactive experience that can be played from anywhere!

How Does it Work?

Teams are briefed by a Virtual Event Host on a conferencing platform such as Zoom. Once briefed, participants are separated into groups of 4-6 to play through the online escape room in breakout rooms. Teams will use their Mobile Adventures app to assist them in unlocking key elements that will help them progress in their escape. This is where teams get the opportunity to really connect and work together to complete challenges. 

As the virtual escape room continues, teams have the opportunity to call upon their Virtual Event Host for assistance. Once time runs out the winning team will be announced via a debriefing in the main room of the initial Zoom call. 

Benefits of a Virtual Escape Room

Virtual escape rooms provide a flexible opportunity to bring disparate teams together. Even with lockdown laws being lifted globally, COVID-19 has shaped the way many teams operate day-to-day. Rather than a simple switch back to the office, many teams are opting to stay remote or adapt to a hybrid working environment. Regardless of what your team has chosen, an online escape room is an option that can work for all work modes. 

By randomizing the groups for an online escape room, there’s an opportunity for colleagues to work together in new ways. Through challenges that highlight creative and critical thinking skills, virtual escape rooms can be a great way to highlight an employee’s skills that may sit outside of their role. We find many teams come out of their virtual escape rooms feeling a stronger sense of connection to their colleagues and with their morale boosted.

Wildgoose Suggestions

We’ve got a few virtual escape rooms that provide fun and engaging opportunities that get teams connected!

Art Heist
Art Heist is an exciting virtual escape room that will have your team putting their critical thinking skills to the test! After being framed for an elaborate art heist, you must try and escape the office that you’re trapped in before the authorities arrive and the true culprit walks free! 

Arctic Escape
This chilling online escape room is a thrilling expedition gone wrong! You and your team have lost your hiking guide and a storm is setting in. You must find shelter before nightfall, all the while heavy snowfall is making it harder and harder to navigate the arctic landscape. You and your team must make it to an abandoned hut and radio for help before time runs out.

However you choose to work, a virtual escape room is a perfect option for bringing your team closer. With the fun of a game and the careful planning of a team building activity, you’ll find your employees will gain memorable experiences. Deepening team connection by creating an uplifting experience is what an online escape room is all about.

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