New York Scavenger Hunts

Race through the mayhem of Midtown, explore the urban oasis of Central Park or uncover the history of the Financial District.

Home to some of the most iconic landmarks in the world, let us transform the streets, museums and parks of New York City into your very own playground.

On a Wildgoose scavenger hunt, teams will have to navigate the streets, museums and parks of the city to track down and unlock hotspots containing varied team challenges that encourage communication, problem solving, time management & leadership skills.

There is something for everyone from multi-choice to against the clock, testing general knowledge and intellect. Our hilarious photo and video challenges encourage creativity and provide a great way to get to know team members better.

Engaging team activities are what Wildgoose is all about and we want to give your team an experience they will not forget. All you need to take part is your smartphone loaded with the Mobile Adventures app and an open-mind! Take a look at our range of team activities available in New York below...

Midtown – See past the bright lights of Times Square to discover the history of the New York Times stomping ground, explore hidden art installations, iconic architecture and stumble across the street where our beloved Oreo was created.

Central Park – Uncover hidden castles, Shakespearean quote and ancient glaciers in this NYC oasis.

Greenwich Village – Step back into the 1920’s and discover hidden speakeasies and stories on every corner of this cobblestone area of Manhattan.

Downtown Manhattan – Within the economic center of America, discover an incredible history which has made the USA the great united country it is today.

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Remote Briefing

Our Event Manager will deliver a virtual briefing via video link in your office, meeting room or hotel, your group will then split into teams to play your chosen activity. Each participant will play using their own smartphone device preloaded with the Mobile Adventures app. All of our activities are social distance ready. Find out more below.

Interactive Challenges

Teams will then set off on their Wildgoose adventure. They must navigate their chosen location and search for a range of GPS activated hotspots that will unlock a treasure trove of interactive challenges including riddles, photo and video tasks, trivia questions and so much more! Our virtual Event Manager will then provide an entertaining wrap-up, announcing the winning team!


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