Halloween Group Activities

September 19, 2022

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Chelsea Emerick

"Taking the time to celebrate with a Halloween activity is a great way to energize a workplace."

Connecting and engaging your team ahead of the festive season is a great way to invigorate employees. A group activity around Halloween is the perfect way to boost morale. We’ve got some insights and ideas to help you create social interactions no matter where in the world your team is. 

Why play a Halloween Group Activity?

As the cooler months roll in, morale can drop significantly. The stress of the upcoming festive season, the weather, and maintaining productivity can weigh heavily on employees. Taking the time to celebrate with a Halloween activity is a great way to energize a workplace. Group activities offer a different objective for teams to bond over. Providing teams with a short-term focus and sense of connection as they work together during their activity. Employees who may not interact with one another often have a way to break the ice that isn’t your standard “get to know the team,” questions. It’s an organic way for teams to strike up a conversation and collaborate.

Halloween is the perfect time to connect through challenges and tasks that assist strategic development and communication. Whether it’s a Murder Mystery event or an Escape Room, teams will have fun as they work together. Getting to know each other on a deeper level in the process. Group activities that highlight holidays reinforce the holiday spirit. Ultimately promoting balance within the workplace. 

The benefits of Halloween Group Activities

Providing teams with a Halloween activity breaks up the monotony of a regular work day. Regardless of whether teams work remotely or in the office, there are plenty of ways to facilitate connection. A Halloween activity offers teams an opportunity to have fun and socialize with each other. The flexibility of a team activity allows this interaction to be on your terms. Incorporate a game into a monthly meeting or company event. Make a day of it and venture outside of the office. There are plenty of ways to create opportunities for connection that fit your schedule. 

Halloween group activities are a great way to encourage a work-life balance. Celebrating holidays as a company can reinforce the importance of the festivities teams spend with their loved ones. A Halloween team event can be a great way to strike up enthusiasm for the spooky season along with invigorating teams. 

Teams will also gain the opportunity to connect with each other in new ways. Halloween activities offer strategic tasks and challenges that thrive on communication. This is the perfect way to break the ice across departments or global offices. A team activity can be the ultimate solution to employee engagement. Get to know your colleagues as individuals, and learn about each other outside of your roles and responsibilities. A group activity can help teams to connect and communicate on a wider scale. 

Group Activities We Recommend for Halloween

Murder Mystery Events

We love a thrilling Murder Mystery activity. Teams must work together to catch a killer. Examine the evidence, consider suspects and discuss motives. It’s a full-blown investigation straight from your device. 

Break the ice with Murder on the Slopes. A chilling murder mystery event! A fabulous holiday has turned into a haunting fatality. Could it simply be a natural disaster? Or something more suspicious? It’s up to you and your team to find out. 

Perhaps you’re looking for something a little more period drama style. Murder on the Train is the perfect event for you. The body of a wealthy tycoon has been discovered on a train journey across Europe. Can you and your team catch the killer on board before you reach the final destination?

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Outdoor Escape Rooms

Give your team something to rave about with an Outdoor Escape Room. Perfect for teams that want to get active. Throw on your favorite coat and take to the streets as you uncover items and work together to complete challenges. 

Escape: The Dark Curse is the perfect Outdoor Escape Room for Halloween. Dark magic has befallen the land, it’s up to you and your team to defeat it. Working together, you must navigate to GPS hotspots to unlock important items and tasks. As you explore your choice of location you’ll learn spells! Work together as you restore good magic to the land before time runs out. 

Virtual Escape Rooms

Don’t let the name fool you, a Virtual Escape Room is just as much fun in-person. Regardless of whether your team is remote or in the office, an online escape room is a fun and immersive way to bond. 

Get to know your team as you play Arctic Survival. In an arctic expedition turned rescue mission, you and your team must navigate your way to safety. Seek shelter, look for clues and unite as you work to survive before the clock runs out. It’s a chilling escape room experience! 

Bringing your team together for a Halloween group activity is a fantastic way to build strong relationships within your organization. Celebrate the spooky season, create lasting memories and have fun! All while working together by building strategy and communication. An immersive challenge is a thrilling way to connect your team as the year winds down!

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